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RP, 34

TG, 41

KR, 28

David has been instrumental in giving me great tools that have made a huge difference in my life.


I no longer feel stressed as I have the tools to take each thing that is thrown at me with a sound, objective view instead being emotionally charged all of the time. This has improved my marriage, my relationship with family members, but most importantly my relationship with myself.  


No matter what the issue is, I can bring it to David and work through it!

The Changing Point has significantly changed my life and has given me an opportunity to truly understand my self. 


David has helped me battle struggles with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and alcohol and substance abuse.  He has also helped me with many family and relationship issues, teaching me effective communication and coping skills.


The empathetic environment I found here has helped me move forward and return on a path towards a brighter future. 

David listens closely to what is important to me and his guidance takes into consideration the values I respect and admire while still challenging me, when necessary, to view things from a different or new perspective.


While he doesn't back away from saying the things I need to hear, he does so in a way that presents an option that I am free to accept or deny. I would recommend him to anyone struggling with an issue or who simply wishes to sustain a healthy, balanced emotional and spiritual life

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